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Did You Know That: Photographers May Register Up to 750 Photographs as a Group?

Slightly over a year ago, the U.S. Copyright Office updated its rules to improve the efficiency of its group registration of photographs and, thereby, modified its procedure as to published photographs and added a similar group registration procedure for unpublished photographs. There is no mixing-and-matching within groups; each group must be comprised of either published or unpublished photographs.  To be eligible to register a group of unpublished photographs, there are several substantive and technical requirements including—but not limited to—all the photographs must be: unpublished; created by the same author; and provided in digital format. Additionally, the same claimant must be set forth as the holder of the rights. Similar parameters apply to registering a group of published photographs, except that all photographs in the group must be published and within the same calendar year. 

The group as a whole is not deemed a compilation or collective work.  Instead, each photograph is registered as a separate work. Thus, a separate statutory damages award is available for each photograph.  

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